Ecological Service Partners (“ESP”) was established in 2016 to capitalize on opportunities in environmental services and water related investments. The founders recognized the opportunity to combine environmental domain expertise with intelligent and patient capital to benefit from regulatory driven compensatory spend. Supported by $250 million of committed equity, ESP is one of the best capitalized operators in the environmental services market. ESP has developed a national reputation for meeting or exceeding the highest standards for operations and compliance while effectively managing costs.

ESP’s strategy is to purchase land or interests in land that can generate significant restoration yields following successful entitlement and ecological restoration and/or enhancement combined with long-term conservation of the properties. The successful execution of ESP’s strategy provides a long-lasting positive impact to the environment.

ESP seeks to invest in locations that have strong existing or expected mitigation demand from a diversified customer base (often a mix of industrial, commercial and public infrastructure demand) or a fully committed, concentrated source of demand (e.g. a large mining project under a long-term mitigation supply contract). As a leading provider of investment capital for large-scale mitigation projects, ESP has unique access to mitigation markets that have not traditionally used third-party mitigation solutions including those dominated by large-scale extractive (mining, oil & gas, etc.) and public infrastructure (levees, dams, pipelines, highways, etc.) development.

We also seek to partner with related service providers or land owners that have an interest in establishing wetland or stream restoration opportunities as well as potential customers that have a need for an experienced wetlands or stream restoration service provider.